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Hot Yoga Life

We are a hot yoga studio in North Adelaide offering hot and warm classes.


Our hot classes are performed in a room heated to a maximum of 35 degrees designed to improve flexibility and strength. If you love the heat choose from our Hot, Flow and Balance classes.

Hot Yoga Life


Our warm classes are practiced in a room heated to a maximum of 28 degrees. If you like a warm room and less intensive heat, select from Warm, Warm Level 2, Fusion and Yin Yoga classes.


We offer regular workshops and special event classes in addition to our weekly timetable. These workshops and classes are designed to build upon the classes we already offer and introduce students to different types of classes and yoga practices.

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Class Descriptions

Let yourself be silently drawn to that which you love. It will not lead you astray – Rumi


HOT – Practiced in a room heated to a maximum of 35 degrees. This class will take you through a series of static postures and vinyasa flow. The focus is on building strength, flexibility and power. Designed to be the next level up from the Warm class.

FLOW – Performed in a hot room heated to 35 degrees. This class is a constant flow connecting breath and movement while building strength, power and fitness. Designed to be the next level up from the HOT class. Recommended for intermediate to advanced.

WARM – A yoga class taught in a warm room heated to a 28 degrees. The sequence is slow and controlled focusing on technique and breath awareness. This class will allow you to become familiar with practicing in a heated environment. Great class for beginners or those yogis wanting to slow things down.

FUSION – Performed in a warm room heated to a maximum of 28 degrees, this class is a yoga flow class with an emphasis on the core. You will learn how to engage your core to help you flow more freely through your practice. This practice helps to strengthen the lower back, abs, buttocks and thighs while focusing on core stabilisation, strength and flexibility. Suitable for beginners through to advanced.

LENGTHEN & STRENGTHEN – Performed in a warm room heated to a maximum of 28 degrees, this yoga class will have an emphasis on lengthening and strengthening the body. Through this class you will hold poses a little longer and maybe go a little deeper, helping you to tone and strengthen the body and mind. During this process you will learn to lengthen certain areas of the body. This practice will help you to build overall endurance and stability. Suitable for beginners through to advanced.

YIN – Bring some balance back into your life with this delicious Yin yoga class. Yin is a slow paced style of yoga featuring long luxurious holds in forward folds, hip openers and inversions. You will be encouraged to just let go and surrender to the practice. Focusing on your breath you will experience feelings of deep release in areas of the body where we habitually hold tension. You will leave feeling grounded, relaxed, and open. Great for beginners through to advanced. Please bring a yoga bolster if you have one.

FLEX – This class is a mixture of yoga and fitness and focuses on building strength and lean muscle in a gently heated room. The class involves a dynamic yoga flow with the use of light hand weights to help tone and strengthen the body. Lets flex together! (only light hand weights are available in the studio. Option to bring your own weights of choice).

YANG to YIN – This class is the perfect all rounder. It is a balance of the Yin and the Yang. The first part of the class will focus on the Yang (dynamic movement0, creating heat in the body through a flowing vinyasa yoga sequence in a warm room. In the final part of the class you’ll move into Yin inspired poses which will be held for longer, helping to stretch and create space in the body.

Through regular practice at Hot Yoga Life, you can expect to see many physical, mental and even spiritual benefits such as:

Greater flexibility and strength, stronger bones, iImproved sleep, weight loss, improved breathing, decreased stress/anxiety levels, greater overall mental wellbeing.

Beginners Welcome

Our classes are designed to cater for everyone from the beginner right through to the experienced. At Hot Yoga Life we have a lot of beginners who attend our classes, which we love. We do recommend you start with a Warm class or a Yin class, however you are welcome to attend any of the classes on the timetable. In any of the classes we encourage all yoga students to sit down or lay down at any time during the class if they need to rest.

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