Bailey KeatleyHealing with your Whole Heart. Bailey is passionate about self-love, personal development and helping others align with their truth.

She currently works as a podiatrist and has her certification as as a yoga instructor. Her interests and skill set work towards encompassing a wholistic approach to wellbeing and healing from chronic pain and the effects of mental and emotional stress on the body.

She believes that strategies that improve understanding of mind body connection can empower us to heal ourselves. Discovering the root causes of pain, disease and dysfuction facilitates the bodies natural healing mechanisms working towards long term relief and resolution of pain.

The feet are a powerful path into the body. Being the foundation of our movement, happy feet give us the ability to walk forwards in our lives with more ease, alignment, stability and balance. Bailey will be a contributor to our blog and future classes and workshops offering her guidance and experience of healing the body, mind and soul.

Bailey is a contributor to the Hot Yoga Life blog. You can read her posts here.