Bec has been practising yoga for about 15 years. An ex-dancer and national representative in competitive aerobics, Bec has always loved physical movement and using her body to express herself. However yoga has always been much more than just exercise; the effect on the mind and heart is what has kept Bec coming back to her mat after so many years.

Bec finds teaching to be an immense privilege and hopes to create space in the minds and bodies of everyone who comes to her classes. She encourages people to explore their bodies and find internal stillness during yoga practice and although challenges are offered, Bec teaches with a focus on nurturing and honouring the body.

Bec has studied vinyasa, pre and post natal, yin and children’s yoga. As a sustaining thread in her own life, Bec appreciates how immensely beneficial yoga can be in allowing us to gain clarity, perspective and a deep awareness of the magnificence of our bodies.