Working as a hairdresser meant I was always looking for a little muscle relief. One of my now-favourite teachers suggested yoga and explained a few benefits. I was intrigued straight away and after my first yoga class, it became part of my daily routine way faster than expected. I couldn’t believe the difference it had on so many aspects of my life.” When she decided to become a yoga instructor, India chose to take on the 200-hour Power Living training. The course encouraged her passion for the philosophy behind yoga as well as an extensive knowledge and understanding of the human anatomy. The further into her yoga journey she went, the greater her passion for yoga grew. After her vinyasa certification, India quickly completed her yin training and plans to keep learning about yoga and it’s history. India’s personal favourite is a strong vinyasa practice, so this is what she enjoys bringing to her students. In her classes, you can expect to break a sweat under the comfort and security of her knowledge of anatomy to make sure that the class is as beneficial and safe as possible for your body.