Yoga literally translates to ‘union’, and teaching is such a special part of my yoga practice as it is a space to connect and unite with others, and share what I love so much.

I completed my 200-hour Yoga teacher training with Power Living, and teach a physical and flowy style of Vinyasa. As well as adults, I teach yoga to teens and children under 5. I am also an Exercise Physiologist and Pilates instructor – bodies and movement are my jam!

At 20 I was curious to try a new way of moving so I decided to try yoga. Fast forward seven years, and yoga still gives me a new experience of movement every time I step on my mat. But the offerings of this beautiful practice reach far further than its physicality. Yoga invites a sense of enquiry and looking into the essence of ourselves and our lives. And it is simultaneously the loving embrace that supports and nurtures us as we learn and grow.