I received my Hatha Yoga certification in 2007 and 2015 from Yasodhara Ashram in British Columbia, Canada. Yasodhara is a yoga retreat and study centre in the heart of the Canadian mountains. There I did their three month yoga development course and learned how to live yoga, how to incorporate it into daily life.

In the retreat I learned how to relax mental and physical tension and how to be present. It’s so simple but in order to truly enjoy life, I must be able to be present and act with awareness so that what I do gives me the results I want. This is a fundamental principle I bring to my classes. I love helping people to find stillness and truth within and through breath and movement, I guide you to that place in my classes; I teach you how to move with complete awareness but also how to consciously shut off the mental racket and find the quiet place within. In my classes I aim to have you feeling balanced in mind and body.

I tend to teach a slower moving but strong class focussed on calming the mind, stretching the body and strengthening the core. Without the core, there is no real strength; strength must come from the centre.

I also teach Classical Pilates and love combining the principles of Pilates into yoga asana. I have a photography business and I do web design, my website is www.LauraVanags.com.au I’m originally from Canada but have made my home in Adelaide now for five years.