Meagan started practicing yoga sporadically in Melbourne and Darwin more than a decade ago but her love affair really kicked off after moving to Adelaide in 2013. It wasn’t until a significant injury that her appreciation for yoga and all the wonders it can unlock truly took hold. Following 12 months of reformer pilates to improve her core strength, her injury became aggravated while snowboarding so she decided to dedicate more time to her yoga practice, giving away pilates. And she has not looked back.
Consistent practice has improved her strength and flexibility, as well as her mind, breath, body connection. In 2017, Meagan decided she wanted to delve a little deeper into how yoga can shape perspectives on life and how consistent practice can improve your wellbeing. She completed her 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training with The Yoga Social so she could encourage everyone, regardless of ability or physical limitation, to shape their own perspectives on life through yoga.