Megan found yoga several years ago when searching for balance and self-care. After years of personal practice and then completing a 200 hour Vinyasa Teaching Training with Zoe Trenwith in 2014-2015, Megan’s passion for yoga grew. Most significantly, Megan’s understanding of the benefits beyond the physical aspect of yoga shifted.   Megan considers that the benefits of yoga are so profound that they cannot be measured, but encourages everyone, regardless of ability, to experience this through their own practice. Teaching and practicing yoga brings Megan joy and allows her to share this with others.

Megan enjoys teaching a variety of styles; however most commonly teaches a dynamic vinyasa style. While the classes can at times be physically challenging, for Megan the most important focus of her classes is the connection between breath and body, nourishing the soul and finding stillness in the mind. Megan strives to ensure her classes provide opportunities for all to nurture their bodies and to practice with Satya (truth) to work to their depth of the practice.