Passes and Prices

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Class PassPriceDescriptionClick to buy 
12 Months Unlimited$900Valid for 365 days from first visit
Casual Visit$181 Class
2 Weeks Unlimited $65Valid for two weeks from first visit
1 Month Unlimited$120Valid for thirty days from first visit
Intro Pass - For New Members Only $50New to the studio? Try your first month of unlimited yoga. Valid for ten days from first visit.
5 Visit Pass$805 Classes - Valid for three months from first visit
10 Visit Pass$15010 Classes - Valid for six months from first visit
3 Months Unlimited$315Valid for ninety days from first visit

6 Months Unlimited$520Valid for 180 days from first visit


Want more yoga in your life?

For just $20 per week come to as many Hot Yoga Life classes as you want!

 Terms and Conditions

  • • Hot Yoga Life reserves the right  to refuse entry.
  • • Hot Yoga Life will endeavour to deliver all classes on time as advertised. However the schedule is subject to change or cancellation without notice. Hot Yoga Life is not liable to refund, transfer, or offer compensation of any kind for classes that are late, changed or cancelled for any reason.
  • • The studio will be open at least 15 minutes prior to the advertised start time of every class.  We lock the doors right on the class start time for safety and security.
  • • No entry is permitted after class start time and early exit is not recommended.
  • • Please arrive at least 15 minutes before class start time as there is no late entry.
  • • We recommend you book online here to reserve a spot in class.  Online bookings can be made up to 30mins before class start time. We do not offer any compensation if a class is fully booked upon your arrival.
  • • You must check in at the studio reception before every class, even if you have booked online.
  • • Online booking cancellations can be made up to 45mins before a class start time without penalty. If you do not attend a booked class and have not cancelled on time, you may be charged a penalty fee of $5.  This is up to the discretion of  the Hot Yoga Life teacher and Management.
  • • If you are unable to attend a booked class for an unforeseen circumstance and the early cancel timeframe has passed (45 minutes before the class start time) then you may text, call or email Hot Yoga Life to notify us.
  • • All purchases are final. Hot Yoga Life does not offer refunds for services or products.
  • • Ten pass cards expire 6 months from the activation date of the pass (the first class you attend). This pass can be extended for a maximum of 2 weeks only due to illness if we are notified at the time of the illness.
  • • Five pass cards expire 3 months from the activation date of the pass (the first class you attend).
  • • Passes and memberships are non-transferrable and non refundable. They may not be shared.
  • • Fees may increase at time to time to reflect increases in costs.
  • • Any equipment borrowed from Hot Yoga Life must be returned immediately after class.
  • • Hot Yoga Life is not responsible for the safe keeping of your belongings.
  • • In attending classes at Hot Yoga Life, you agree that neither your nor a representative for you, will sue or make any other claims against Hot Yoga Life or its members for any personal injury, property damage/loss,or wrongful death caused by negligence or otherwise.
  • • In attending classes at Hot Yoga Life, you also agree to adhere to the rules and regulations set out by the Adelaide Meridian Hotel in regards to personal conduct in and around their hotel.

 Weekly Direct Debit Membership

  • • When signing up to the weekly direct debit membership, you agree to pay the reoccurring weekly fee at the time, as an automatic charge from your nominated bank account.
  • • The weekly direct debit membership is a 12 month contract. As of the 9 Feb 2016 this membership will now be auto renewing.
  • • To terminate your weekly direct debit membership within the first 6 months, 28 days notice must be given in writing.
  • • To terminate your weekly direct debit membership after 6 months, 14 days notice must be given in writing.
  • • Should account payment fail to authorise for any reason, you will be notified as soon as possible. A $10 late fee will be charged to your account if you fail to give a valid payment option within 7 days of being notified of the failed payment.
  • • The weekly direct debit membership will be deactivated if you become up to or more than 30 days behind in payment.
  • • You may freeze your weekly direct debit membership once per year in monthly increments up to 6 months. A request to freeze your membership must be received in writing.